It has been a while since I have posted any cosplay on this blog so I decided to make up for it by creating a photo set featuring the best cosplayer on the planet. Enjoy Bellechere’s awesomeness!

Oh my. Thank you for the feature!!

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Sooooo I was going to make a cover photo for FB, I couldn’t decide which costumes to put on there, so I was like I’LL JUST DO THEM ALL.

Aaaand I have 35 costumes. So I did a thing. Not only does it help remind me when I made a costume, but it’s also boosted my morale a little, inspired me to keep on going. All those non-me-2013 pics are half-done or completed, and I needed a little nudge to keep going.

Each costume is in order of when I made it, for progress sake. IT’S A TIMELINE, WHOA.

2006: Rogue, Rogue, Rogue, Mystique
2007: Black Cat, Phoenix, Dawn, Rogue
2008: Spider-Woman, Hepzibah, Anna Mercury, She-Hulk, Ivy Valentine, Dawn
2009: Fem-Deadpool, Power Girl, Red Sonja, Dawn, Lady Death
2010: Rogue, Ghost, Vampirella, Jessica Rabbit, Teela, Drowned Ophelia
2011: Ms. Marvel, Goblin Queen, She-Hulk, Maleficent, Bellatrix Lestrange
2012: Binary, Captain Marvel, Ivy Valentine
2013: Mad Moxxi, Catwoman, Tarot, Diva Plavalaguna, Hela, Witchblade, Power Girl

Interesting to see when I broadened my horizons, comic-wise. Only ever read X-Men, then opened up to Avengers, expanded beyond Marvel to Image and Avatar, felt bold enough to dive into video game costuming, then Dynamite and Dark Horse…and finally DC.

A number of these costumes (Teela, Bellatrix, Xtreme Rogue and Goblin Queen) never got proper photos taken - just convention floor shots. Ooops. Some of these I only ever wore once (Phoenix and Vampi) cause they just…weren’t me.

2012 was a bad year for me. I aim to make up for it this year.

If you want to see any of these pics larger, Go Here!


My website is back up. Yaaaaay!

If you’ve ever wondered what conventions I’ll be at this year, or what I’m currently working on, you can find that under the new section ‘Upcoming Events & Costumes’.

There are 21 new prints available for purchase, including the photos above, and including 5 new costumes that didn’t have prints available before. Half of the proceeds go towards assisting me with the purchase of costuming goods, such as fabric, wigs, sewing notions, sculpting materials, etc. The other half will be donated to The Hero Initiativein an effort to give back to the creators who have inspired me.

I apologize for the blatant advertisement in the center there, but I’m tired of people deleting everything I’ve written when it’s reblogged. So there! You can’t delete that!

Please go check it out, and spread the word around! Thank you!

So a few people wished the Ask I posted yesterday was rebloggable, so I made it so!

These are all my non-Marvel comic costumes (omitting the two other versions of Dawn I made). I’m looking forward to adding Balent-style Catwoman to the roster, as well as Witchblade, and Promethea.

I’m just not that into DC. I’ve tried. And I don’t do a costume just for the helluvit - I’ve got to really like the character and the comic!

You can see more shots of each of these costume on Facebook.

2012 - A Year in Review - Costuming!

Here are the scant few new costumes (and an oldie but goodie) I made this year. 2012 has been a helluva year. Due to personal troubles, costuming unfortunately had to take the back burner more often than I would have liked. I’m looking forward to making up for what I missed out on in 2013!

Plans are already being made regarding costumes and conventions for 2013, and it’s looking like it’s going to be a very promising year. Prospective costumes include: Mad Moxxie (BL2), Diva Plavalaguna, Promethea (the first comics I ever got my hands on!), and Witchblade, Ame-Comi Power Girl, and Risti (Queen’s Blade) are still on the docket. I’ll make a post of conventions once I have things a little more set in stone, and once a few cons confirm that I’ll be their guest!

Cheers to a new year!

NYCC was a pretty strange convention. I felt like I was here, there, and everywhere, yet I think I was only in the dealer hall for a total of 2 hours all weekend! I had a blast, though.

Here’s me as Ghost and Captain Marvel. I lost count at 20 people calling me Emma Frost while I was Ghost, and I had fun teasing people by refusing pictures unless they could guess the character. I usually schooled ‘em and let ‘em have a pic anyway, haha! I also had fun when people called ‘Ms. Marvel!’ - I’d turn and correct them with: “It’s /Captain/, now!”

It was fantastic getting to see all my friends! That’s always the best part of a con for me. But another highlight was when I was dressed as Ghost, Sean Astin looked to me, and said with a grin, “Wow, what kind of Jedi are /you/?”

More Captain Marvel pics should be coming soon! The fantastic photog Anna Fischer and I had some fun over at the Intrepid, and I’m looking forward to the results.