If I don’t answer your question, it might be because:

A) I’m sorry, but I’m very busy. I try to limit how many emails/messages I answer to 10 a day. I think about my words and my tone as I write, so those 10 might take up an hour or so. Commission emails take upwards of 20-30 minutes to answer (character picture research, finding appropriate fabrics/notions, pricing out materials and estimating labor time, calculating in other small business considerations, to wind up with a quote) and I try to limit myself to 5 of those a day. Otherwise, I do actually wind up in front of the computer all day, answering messages, which means I’m not creating. Nobody really wins, there.

B) It’s rude, and I think you’re a bag of dicks.

C) I’ve already answered it. Multiple times.

So, you be the judge. (HERE’S A HINT, IT’S MOSTLY A COMBINATION OF B AND C) Again, I utilize the tag system on here, so please try and utilize the search system, especially before harassing me through PMs. Thanks!

The rest of you cool cats, keep on keeping on. <3

Anonymous asked: How tall are you?

11’ tall, according to my roommate.

But I’m 5’8, flat-footed. 6’ in heels.

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mr-eid asked: First off, I have to say I think your cosplay is fantastic; discovered you through your Mad Moxxi, and everything I've seen since has been great! I had a quick question though; in the most recent picture you posted (the maskless Captain Marvel, doing a particularly heroic pose) did you use something to hold your hair in place like that? A couple of characters I've been looking at cosplaying myself have similar hair, and I can't help but be curious. Thanks, and keep up the spectacular cosplay! 8D

Thank you for sticking around! :D My Captain Marvel wig consists of 1 short wig, 1/2 a full wig (fibers about 16” long), some hot glue, and lots of hairspray.


This is a wig, inside out. See the horizontal pieces? Those are called ‘wefts’, and are essentially the wig fibers doubled over and woven together with thread. The wefts are then sewn onto the vertical pieces of elastic. You can purchase wefts outside of a wig…


…but I had an extra blonde wig lying around, so for this project I seam-ripped the 16” wefts from the wig’s structural base. About 1/2 a wig’s worth.

With the short-hair wig T-pinned onto a wig head, I parted it straight down the center, from the very front to the very back. I laid out a line/dots of hot glue right down the center and applied the weft. Once I had laid down a few wefts through the entire length of that center part, I made a new part just to the side of the center part, sandwiching the short-hair wig fibers between the wefts (adds more body/appearance of realness), and continued gluing. I continued doing this parting/gluing/wefting for 1” to either side of that center part. 2” thick total.

Keeping the wig on the wig head, I combed the short-hair wig back until it blended with the wefts, hairspraying pretty liberally with a high-hold hairspray along the way. Once that dried, for extra height for the faux hawk I laid the wig head on the floor, brushed the wefts out/away from the wig, and then applied more hairspray. Wait till it’s dry, flip it over, and repeat. Then repeat it again, on each side.

When removing the wig from the wig head, you might find that you’ve hot glued the wig right onto the wig head. Don’t worry about it - just slowly work your fingers between the wig and wig head and pry it off.

And there ya go!


So basically I had a bunch of tutorials liked/bookmarked and I wanted to consolidate them into one nice place. I hope this is helpful! I will probably make a part two later.

Beginner Help

Cosplay Crash Course - x

A Guide to Conventions - x

Conventions and Your…

This is glorious!

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snekoneko asked: Hi!! You are absolutely gorgeous!! You do incredible work!!! <3 I wad wondering if you could give me any advice on how yo properly apply make up like Ben Nye or Snazaroo? I've tried severely different methods and it ends up uneven or streaked: (

Thank you!! Here you go!


If you have any questions after reading that, feel free to ask.

pourthebubbly asked: Going off that anon who commented on your body type (fuck that anon, you look amazing), I was wondering what kind of exercise routine you have? I'm looking to change things up for myself and I have a similar shape as you, more or less. [side note: I *love* your costuming. Have you thought about doing film/tv costuming outside theatre (i'm assuming you do theatre)?]

Thank you! :) I’m currently doing P90X3, which I’m really enjoying. I enjoyed P90X when it first came out, and a couple rounds of that lead me to looking the best I ever have (when I was Red Sonja in the snow). P90X were hour plus exercises, though, and P90X3 is half hour of ramped-up exercises, which I appreciate.

I also really enjoy bicycle crunches and v-up situps, as far as abs go. Not like you can target burn fat, cause you can’t, but these make my obliques and lower abs feel great.

Chair dips. Love those. I enjoy a lot of body-weight moves that I can do where ever I freakin want to, which is why I appreciate the at-home workout DVDs. The gym makes me feel dirty. So I bought an elliptical I have at home, too, and sometimes use that for cardio.

I might just be brave enough to share my Before and After pics when I’m through. I’m 6 weeks in and can definitely see results. Yay!

And, yes, I do work in theatre. I would love to try film/TV, but the hours are brutal (which my puppy wouldn’t like). Plus the Boston area doesn’t have too much going on in that department, and I’m not at all suited for Hollywood. I just don’t have the right mentality and would probably be taken advantage of.

Anonymous asked: Hi Belle, been a fan of your work for a while now. I just wanted to know, what is your favorite and least favorite materials to work with?

Hey, Anon! Thanks for being another pleasant one!

Favorite: I like spandex. I think that’s become obvious, almost a crutch of mine. Most people hate stretch fabrics, but, I don’t know, I just seem to have a knack for working with it.

Least Favorite: Sequins. If I were a Ranger, my Favored Enemy would be sequins. I had to wear goggles when making Jessica Rabbit because the sequins would shatter if the needle hit them wrong anD FLY AT MY FACE AT ALARMING SPEEDS. For MONTHS after that project, no matter how many times I vacuumed, I was still finding sequin shrapnel in the carpet. UGGGGGHH!! SEQUIIIIINS.

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runawayrobot asked: Any chance you'd ever come to an australian con? Because that'd be awesome!

Any chance I’d go to Australia for a convention? Buddy, believe you me, no one wants me in Australia more than I do! :) I would abso-friggen-lutely love to go to Australia. This is what is stopping me:


This would be for Brisbane Supernova Expo, held November 27-28. It’s not the fact that it’s a 35 hour flight, or that I’d be missing Thanksgiving (AUSTRALIA, OKAY? PRIORITIES), but the price. Always the hitch, and I’ve dream-planned several trips to Australia.

But, hey, if you and your buddies and I all emailed Supernova and tell them they should bring me out there, maybe they will. :)

Anonymous asked: Where did you get the tighhigh boots for the catwoman cosplay? They are perfect! The only ones I seem to find have needle-thin anklebreakers for heels or even worse stuff (transparent platform heels, ugh!)

I made them. They’re actually bootcovers made of stretch PVC (the same material as the gloves) that I slip a high heel pump into.



To avoid a front seam, what I do is put the front of the foot/leg into the fold of the fabric.

Then you can be cheap cost efficient like me and only need one pair of great pumps for every high-heeled character.

I would also recommend making a muslin copy of the outcome of the cutout, so you can have a pattern for the future and won’t need to go through the pinning all over again.

lady--hulk asked: Are you planning on doing any California Cons? It would be such a pleasure to see you and your work in person as well as maybe ask you some tips! (I'm so sorry to read you had hard times, I hope this year is the start of many GOOD things to come! )

I would love to, but, being in Boston, the airfare kills me. When I’m not working theatre, I’m working solo at designing/commissioning costumes - what I want to be doing, but not quite lucrative. But, if on some miracle I’m invited out there, I’d be happy to chat shop with you! :)

mikebrendan asked: If I may toss another question at you: What kind of music do you listen to when working on your craft?

Everything, save country and rap. It depends on what I ‘need’ that day, aurally. Sometimes it’s violent death metal, sometimes it’s classic rock, sometimes uplifting folk, sometimes it’s energizing alt/pop rock, or methodical industrial/dance. I’ve got a playlist called ‘Get Shit Done’, and it does the job.

I’ll also listen to audiobooks of books I’ve already read.

And I’ll marathon an anime/cartoon/movie I’ve already seen that I’m making a costume from.

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greta-e asked: Do you have a favorite costume or is it too tough to choose?

It’s tough to choose. This is going to make me sound pretty flighty, but it depends on my mood, and whether I’m craving a ‘boost’ in anything. Physical/emotional strength, confidence, wit, sexiness…DARKNESS. (NO PARENTS). And comfort levels. My most comfortable costumes are Capt. Marvel, Legacy Rogue, and Spider-Woman.

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thanosisabutt asked: What would be your ideal power set?

Oh, flight. Most definitely. I mean, ever since I was little. And those dreams where you fly? Best dreams ever.

I also like the idea of regenerative health. I’d get into a lot of trouble and make so many wonderfully poor decisions.

denster60 asked: What inspires you the most when choosing a costume? Is it the story behind the character or the style/fashion of the artwork?

I’ve gone either way. I can be reading/watching/playing something, and just unexpectedly fall in love with a character. Or I see a design that I fall in love with, and get into the comic/game/anime to see if I like the character. Then I critique whether I feel I’d be able to physically pull the character off, but at the core is the admiration of a character. :)

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gin-and-disappointment asked: You probably get asked this all the time, but what character do you most want to play that you haven't already done?

Easy: Lust from FMA

Normal: Witchblade (Pezzini) or the Diva Plavalaguna from 5th Element

Nightmare: The Stalk from Saga or Kerrigan/Queen of Blades from Starcraft

Working on Easy and Normal, but Nightmare mode is a pipe dream.

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