My website is back up. Yaaaaay!

If you’ve ever wondered what conventions I’ll be at this year, or what I’m currently working on, you can find that under the new section ‘Upcoming Events & Costumes’.

There are 21 new prints available for purchase, including the photos above, and including 5 new costumes that didn’t have prints available before. Half of the proceeds go towards assisting me with the purchase of costuming goods, such as fabric, wigs, sewing notions, sculpting materials, etc. The other half will be donated to The Hero Initiativein an effort to give back to the creators who have inspired me.

I apologize for the blatant advertisement in the center there, but I’m tired of people deleting everything I’ve written when it’s reblogged. So there! You can’t delete that!

Please go check it out, and spread the word around! Thank you!