Cosplayer Bellechere as Captain Marvel

I do not believe these photos exist. They are too awesome.

So I am sure they are a TRICK!

I was gonna reblog this on the personal but holy hell

What material is this? It actually… looks a lot like what you’d expect from a literal comic translation, aesthetically. Wonder if it’s flexible and if it breathes well.

^I’m wondering the same thing

Yep! It’s definitely flexible and breathes really well. The navy blue material is called ‘wet look spandex’; I love this fabric because it looks like it could mimic leather, or something rubbery. I purchased it in blue and hand dyed it to get it that color.

The red is faux leather and doesn’t breathe well, haha!

This is still one of my most comfortable costumes. Looking forward to wearing it again this year - this time with the Kree-style helmet!

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