Anonymous said: I need you! Went to sdcc2012 and waited to the last minute to cosplay. I was overwhelmed and could only pull off a pathetic x-23 costume. Since ill be at Sdcc2013 for 4 days i need help with some ideas. Since im a brown girl lol, im def going as storm, but i love male marvel villains converted into female costumes. Since everything you do is AMAZING, can you please give me a couple of ideas? Also do you make costumes for others?

What characters do you like, Anon? What villains, when you read or see them, do you think are totally badass and should actually rule the world? That’s who you should do. You’ll have the most fun costuming as someone you have a personal connection to. I could list out Marvel villains, but they’ll be based off of my own character preferences, and I’m not going to be the one wearing the costume. Or making it…

…unless you did want me to create something for you. I do do commissions. Feel free to email me at with some pictures of what you’re looking for and an idea of your budget.

What’s also tough is that I don’t know what you look like, Anon. Kinda hard to suggest something. But, going off of ‘brown’, I will say that I’ve never seen someone do Monica Rambeau, and I want to!

Have fun at SDCC!