Anonymous said: You're costumes are fantastic, how do you come up with the ideas and how do you realize them? Do you have a process?

Thank you!

I read comics, watch movies, and play video games. If a character strikes a power chord in me, I put them on The List.

The List is comprised of fictional women whom I admire. They have a certain pizzazz - be it emotional strength, a tenacious nature, physically admirable (to me), or just plain BA with a great storyline - that lights my eyes up. Unfortunately, not all those I admire can be put on the List due to my own limitations. For example, however much Storm of the X-Men is one of my absolute favorite characters, I’m blindingly white, so she’s not on the List. Similarly, I’m a curvy woman, so I keep towards the hourglass shapes rather than slender figures. Crossplaying is pretty much right out.

From the List, it’s pretty much a whim on who I select to create. Once I peg down what I’ll be making, then comes gathering reference pics from every which angle, making fabric selections, and proceeding to obsess over ways to successfully turn 2D into 3D. I sometimes swear that, especially lately, designers sit there, cackling, and go ‘Let’s see the cosplayers try and make THIS one!’

I’d say the planning process is 80% of it. Then, usually cursing at my machines, I whip out the costume in no time.

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