Anonymous said: Hi Bellechere! Do you accept commissions for costuming? I imagine making cstumes for yourself keeps you busy enough, but some of us out here have no skills whatsoever!

I do, I do, I do! Just send me an email ( entitled COSTUME COMMISSION REQUEST (or something similar, so I can spot it in the Junk folder if it goes there) with:

  • AT LEAST three reference pics of what you’d like made
  • the character name and series they’re from (if applicable)
  • an idea of your budget

I’d be happy to toss a quote your way. All I ask is that you keep in mind that a custom costume will never, ever be as cheap as what you could buy from overseas. I am very reasonable with my pricing, but I also charge what I’m worth. It is not cheap because I do not make cheap-quality.

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