oldnerdybasterd said: Belle Chere you're my FAVORITE cosplayer ( of those whose work I admire but have never seen in person). WonderCon is my FAVORITE con ( although it ONLY belongs in the Bay area, not Southern Cal. I still miss that its no longer in Oakland! I'm OLD. LOL). It sure would be nice to have you and, er, Mr. Chere at WonderCon sometime! -even in Anaheim. You're so impossibly glorious though that maybe my head would implode and melt like in RaidersOTLA were I to behold you in person.

I would looooove to attend WonderCon, but only if it returns to the Bay area. Being in Anaheim makes me uncomfortable. I have yet to visit San Francisco, and have always wanted to. Fingers crossed! And thank you for the compliment!…I think, cause I don’t know if I’d deal with a head implosion that well in person, though brownie points for the reference. Time to go watch Raiders!