gambitgrl said: You have such a wonderful hourglass figure that really looks fantastic in your cosplays. Do you wear a corset or other specialized garment to get that terrific tiny waist, or are you just naturally gifted that way? I'd love to get a corset to pull in and smooth my waist under my cosplays but have no idea where to start.

Thank you! My natural structure is hourglass - I’d be hard pressed to have my hips ever be more narrow than they are, and I’m fortunate to not lose much boob when I lose weight. But my weight has definitely fluctuated over the years I’ve costumed for. Sometimes I’ve worn a corset to cartoonize my curves (Jessica Rabbit & Fem Deadpool), sometimes it was part of the costume design (all the Dawns!), sometimes it was due to feeling self-conscious from having gained weight (2/5 times I wore Power Girl), and sometimes I’ve utilized a steel-boned bodice to help defy gravity (Maleficent & Ghost).

But a lot of my other costumes have no cinching involved, nor spanx - Ms. Marvel, She-Hulk, Rogue, Spider-Woman, Ivy Valentine, Anna Mercury, Black Cat…and obviously I’m not cinching for Red Sonja, Goblin Queen, or Lady Death.

If you’re looking for a good underbust waist cincher/corset, I would recommend buying from Meschantes. That’s what I wore under Power Girl and Fem Deadpool, before I created my own corset (it took me four times before I got it right!). Meschantes have sales on eBay for $99, and they’re worth the price.

I’m aiming to get myself as fit as I was for this photoshoot before I take photos of my new Tarot costume:

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