lostzerocool said: Your Costumes are amazing! What made you decide to get into costume design?

Thank you!

I initially got into costume design for the best of reasons: peer pressure and the need for money, hah! I was in college, wanted to somehow be involved in the theatre department, but they were already at capacity in the stagecraft department. There was a spot left in the costume shop, though. I had a degree in culinary arts, I was aiming for a secondary degree in journalism, and had no intention of ever owning a sewing machine, but I figured what I learned could help me make costumes for Halloween and Renaissance Faires, so bonus. A couple years later, I didn’t have a journalism degree, but a BA in technical theatre. I guess I just fell down the rabbit hole, and it suited me.

tldr; Theatre people. I was convinced I could do something I presumed I wouldn’t be good at.