NYCC was a pretty strange convention. I felt like I was here, there, and everywhere, yet I think I was only in the dealer hall for a total of 2 hours all weekend! I had a blast, though.

Here’s me as Ghost and Captain Marvel. I lost count at 20 people calling me Emma Frost while I was Ghost, and I had fun teasing people by refusing pictures unless they could guess the character. I usually schooled ‘em and let ‘em have a pic anyway, haha! I also had fun when people called ‘Ms. Marvel!’ - I’d turn and correct them with: “It’s /Captain/, now!”

It was fantastic getting to see all my friends! That’s always the best part of a con for me. But another highlight was when I was dressed as Ghost, Sean Astin looked to me, and said with a grin, “Wow, what kind of Jedi are /you/?”

More Captain Marvel pics should be coming soon! The fantastic photog Anna Fischer and I had some fun over at the Intrepid, and I’m looking forward to the results.