So here’s how my 2011 went. Tumblr wouldn’t even let me load up all the pics I wanted to, hah!

This year wasn’t great for me in terms of getting to create my own costumes (mostly because I made so many costumes for other people!) but I still feel it was successful. Especially physically! This year I give myself a gold star, fitness-wise. According to my 2011 Costume List I still have Tarot and Witchblade to rock. I’m waiting for snow to hit for a Tarot shoot, and Witchblade is a work in progress, but still definitely being created.

I didn’t attend SDCC this year, but I went to C2E2, and after all the fun I had there it hardly bothered me that I wasn’t involved in the San Diego rush. DragonCon, as always, was my favorite convention.

2012 will be a fun year! I’ll be posting my 2012 Costume List within the next couple days, so keep an eye out. Which conventions I will be attending is still up in the air. As always, if you would like me to attend one of your local conventions, shoot a message towards the guest coordinator and brag about me. I’d appreciate it!

Here’s to 2012!